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Pulseaudio with built-in system-wide equalizer in Archlinux

Long time no see… :< It’s being some time I’ve being looking for a system-wide equalizer for linux, but never really searched if there is really an option for it. In ArchLinux, as usual, it’s quite simple. You only have to install the packageĀ pulseaudio-equalizer-ladspa

yaourt pulseaudio-equalizer

Execute the next command to enable de dbus module in pulseaudio:

echo "load-module module-dbus-protocol"| sudo tee -a /etc/pulse/

Then you only have enable the equalizer sink in the Sound panel of gnome-control-center

Screenshot from 2017-03-25 00-46-16

And finally you will see the next window where you can tune each band or use the presets available from the dropdown at the right part of the window.

Screenshot from 2017-03-25 00-47-12