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Pulseaudio with built-in system-wide equalizer in Archlinux

Long time no see… :< It’s being some time I’ve being looking for a system-wide equalizer for linux, but never really searched if there is really an option for it. In ArchLinux, as usual, it’s quite simple. You only have to install the package pulseaudio-equalizer-ladspa

yaourt pulseaudio-equalizer

Execute the next command to enable de dbus module in pulseaudio:

echo "load-module module-dbus-protocol"| sudo tee -a /etc/pulse/

Then you only have enable the equalizer sink in the Sound panel of gnome-control-center

Screenshot from 2017-03-25 00-46-16

And finally you will see the next window where you can tune each band or use the presets available from the dropdown at the right part of the window.

Screenshot from 2017-03-25 00-47-12

Get better performance and life from your SSD in Linux-based systems

OCZ Vertex 4

Recently I acquired an OCZ Vertex 4 SSD as my old hard drive was about to die as SMART were reporting. Definitely I would suggest you to go for a SSD as this upgrade will be the most significant and noticeable upgrade you can do for you computer.

Moving on. In this article I will write down some tips/rules for get the best performance out of your Linux-based system while giving some explanations about them.

Remove grub from MBR under Mac OS X


OK, you messed it up, you’ve installed Ubuntu on your Mac running a dual boot with OSX, and accidentally installed the bootloader to the MBR.  Well this will render your system useless as Mac’s use EFI and GPTs, rendering MBRs rather useless, outside of its MBR emulation mode that is.

The proper location for installing the GRUB locader in this EFI-based systems has to be on your first Ubuntu partition, not in the whole disk’s MBR segment.

If you try to install GRUB again in the proper location, that’ll will leave another icon of Tux just sitting there in your rEFIt menu.  Its a little annoying in my opinion so lets get rid of it.

Playing with D-Bus interface of Spotify for Linux

After a lot of requests from Linux users, Spotify developers have integrated D-Bus support in version So, what this means is simply and awesome! Now Linux developers could use this programmatic interface to interact with Spotify from other apps.

In other words, now is quite simple to send «play», «pause», «move next/previous song» events to Spotify and with this get Spotify fully integrate into our desktop.

I will explain how to introspect D-Bus interface and make some proof-concepts.

Speed up Google Analytics js by caching it locally

The big problem of use Google Analytics is that you have to get its javascript to get to work statistics. For me this causes that my sites takes a lot of time to end the load. For this reason I always recommend put the GAnalytics code at the bottom of the page, but for me this is not enought.

One solution to this is to cache the external javascript locally but what if the external javascript changes? Here I go to explain how to store GAnalytics javascript locally and peridiocally check that is the lastest version.

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