To be leaders in our services, we must be in constant touch with market realities. Thus, from Mabishu Studios we invest in initiatives that we find interesting and, above all, can help us learn new technologies and helping the open source community. We actively participate in the realization of the following ideas.
GalizaID is a Ruby on Rails OpenID server and micro social web site. , with more than 5.000 users. On GalizaID you can show different states from your account on Flickr, Youtube, Last.FM, and others »

Tiboxe is a Open Source terminologic server developed with RoR, it helps to fetch TBX files for terminologic glossaries all over the cloud. The huge database is built with TBX files from Gnome, KDE,, and other open source projects. »

UbuntuUSC is a huge customized adaptation of Ubuntu GNU/Linux for the University of Santiago de Compostela. At Mabishu Studios, we are huge proffesionals and users of GNU/Linux operating system. With this adaptation the University has an operating system ready for all the educational community, integrated with all its services and highly probed. »


GooglePageRank gem for Ruby is is a simple gem to fetch the Google PageRank © for a domain. GooglePageRank fetch the Google PageRank (a numbre between 0 and 10) for a domain. It provides a terminal command for usign from the console and a gem to use from your own ruby scripts »