Remove grub from MBR under Mac OS X


OK, you messed it up, you’ve installed Ubuntu on your Mac running a dual boot with OSX, and accidentally installed the bootloader to the MBR.  Well this will render your system useless as Mac’s use EFI and GPTs, rendering MBRs rather useless, outside of its MBR emulation mode that is.

The proper location for installing the GRUB locader in this EFI-based systems has to be on your first Ubuntu partition, not in the whole disk’s MBR segment.

If you try to install GRUB again in the proper location, that’ll will leave another icon of Tux just sitting there in your rEFIt menu.  Its a little annoying in my opinion so lets get rid of it.

Test your code with every change in your PHP files

Applying TDD to your PHP code is a big improve in your code as forces you to “think” the code before write it down. A common approach to TDD workflow could be:

  1. Write your test class
  2. Write your code that make pass the tests
  3. Refactor the code

If you take a closer look, between all the steps you MUST run all the tests for possible functionality breaks with every single change in the code, and make it manually could be a little disturbing.

So for this there are  tools that helps you track your code for changes and if changed will automatically run a bunch of actions.

Sending patches through mail with ‘git send-mail’

If you want to send code patches to your coworkers you don’t need to do strange things with different tools. Git has all the neccesary tools for handling this in a pretty way.

The idea is generate a patch from git and send to your coworker via email. After received the message they can import those messages directly into git.

Let’s see how all this works.

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